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Case Study #1
Tina is a 23 year old black female. She is currently separated from her husband of five years. She is currently employed by two companies, one at which she works Monday- Thursday mornings, and the other on Wednesday ? Friday evenings, and all day Saturday and Sunday. However, she hasn?t shown up for work on a consistent basis for the last four weeks, and not at all in the last two days.
Once an energetic, active, healthy female who loved to exercise at the local gym three days a week, Tina now spends most of her time in her apartment. She hasn?t been to the gym in over four weeks, and her body movements that used to be quick and marked are now slow and sluggish. Even though she hasn?t changed her eating habits, Tina has been losing weight.
Joe, Tina?s husband, left her for another woman approximately four weeks ago. When she found out, Tina immediately locked herself in her room and cried herself to sleep. That night, she slept for about twelve hours straight, but that was the last time she had a long stretch of true sleep. Since then, Tina?s sleep habits have been very erratic; sometimes she will sleep for a few hours in the day, some in the evening. She finds herself unable to sleep longer than four hours at a time; as a result, she is constantly fatigued.
When she is awake and able to think clearly, which isn?t 100% of the time, Tina is fixated on where she went wrong in her marriage. She feels that if Joe left her for another woman, it must be because she must not be good enough, just like she wasn?t good enough for her own father to stay at home when she was seven?he left her and her mother, so she must not have been good enough back then, either.
Tina thought that when she married Joe right out of high school, it would be so wonderful. She had such great plans for the two of them…they would both work their way through college and be successful. But it didn?t work out that way, and Tina had to work two jobs just to keep food on the table and the rent paid, because Joe felt it more important to hang out with his friends all day long. If only she had worked harder, or been prettier, or sexier. That must be a lot of it, Tina thinks. She isn?t pretty enough, or hard working enough, or good enough, or sexy enough, which is why Joe left her. She was always so tired from working so much, that it was all she could do to crawl in the bed to sleep, much less give Joe the sex he wanted so often.
Tina believes that because of whom she is and what she has done, no one will ever love her and she will never have a relationship again. She keeps saying over and over how worthless she feels, and that her working all the time must have contributed to the downfall of the marriage. The company kept telling her that if she did just a little more, stayed a little longer, worked a little harder, that she would be promoted, which is why she kept pushing herself as she did. Unfortunately, Tina couldn?t balance the roles, and lost her husband as a result. She feels like a failure, and that she will always be a failure at life and at love.
Tina thought that she and Joe had many friends, but when Joe left, the friends stopped calling and coming to visit, leaving her alone with her sadness. Shortly after Joe left, she called a few girlfriends, but they eventually tired of her constant complaining and wanting sympathy and stopped answering her calls. As a result, Tina has no one to talk to. It would have been nice to talk to her sister, but her sister committed suicide four years ago after becoming deeply depressed over a broken relationship. Tina has thought about suicide too, but she isn?t at the point to do anything about it?yet.

Read Tina?s story (see above) carefully. Using her story as a guide, write a comprehensive discussion of Major Depressive Disorder. Use examples from her story to illustrate the important points to know about this disorder. In your discussion, be sure to include the following points:

How it is described and diagnosed in the multiaxial system, including identifiable symptoms? (Discuss each of the five axes.)
How each theoretical perspective/approach could explain Tina?s behavior and support Tina?s diagnosis?
Which treatments would be recommended according to each theoretical perspective and the related prognosis for recovery?
Social perspectives about the disorder

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