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Major Assignment 2: The Analysis and Interpretation of Qualitative Data

For this Major Assignment 2, you will continue to transcribe and code the transcript from your phone interview in Week 7. You also will continue your work on the Part 3: Results section of your Major Assignment 2.

To prepare for this Assignment:
• Review the readings and the media programs in this week’s Learning Resources related to coding and analyzing the data.

Part 3: Results

Make sure that all sections refer back to the readings and videos, and are appropriately cited. All paragraphs need to be at least four substantive sentences, and each section should be fully explored. Paper should be fully formatted according to APA requirements.
Walden social change website:

All writing material used in assignment must be cited.

All headings should be followed by content; never follow a heading with a subheading without content between them. Usually, the content would simply introduce the main focus of each of its subheadings.

This assignment will not contain anything from major assignment #1. The ‘parts’ refer only to parts 1 – 4 of major assignment #2
Indented lines, below, indicate subheadings. Indent these in your paper, as well, to distinguish them from the main headings. Alternately, you can also use the formal APA formatting style for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level headings.
Cite all sections. Connect everything to the readings.
All paragraphs will be at least three substantive and relevant sentences.
Paper should be no less than 14 full pages, plus the title and references pages.
HEADINGS: do not blend/merge/omit headings; list them in the order presented below; you can add additional headings/subheadings relevant to your subject matter
Its recommended that the first thing you do is copy-and-paste the below heading structure to a blank document, then fill in each section with relevant, cited content. When done, delete the various heading instructions (but not the headings and subheadings).

Major Assignment #2
Introduction (include introductory paragraph to this section)
Background Statement (introductory paragraph under this main heading, then 2 pages or more of cited content that addresses each of the below three subheadings)
Social Change as a Social Issue (include this subheading in the paper)
Social Change as Research Problem (include this subheading in the paper)
Research Gap (the research project gap for the M2 assignment; cite this – who says that this is a gap to be studied?) (include this subheading in the paper)
Purpose Statement (research purpose statement that includes social change considerations. Two paragraphs.)
What is the meaning of social change for Walden graduate students

Walden University. (n.d.). What kind of social change agent are you? Retrieved from http://impactreport.waldenu.edu/

Walden University. (n.d.). Social Change | About Us | Walden University. Retrieved
from https://www.waldenu.edu/about/social-change

Walden’s mission and vision includes diversity for all people looking to become students that welcome a higher learning environment, that encourage those willing to become commitment to social change and their community challenges to join the family (Walden University, 2021). The university innovative approach helps their students to apply their academic knowledge immediately to the personal life, work force, and their community (Walden University, 2021). Walden’s programs are dedication to their student’s success as social change agents, and building professionals that can their applied knowledge to improve systemic injustices that divide and linger cultural differences (Walden University, 2021).

Researcher Role (include introductory paragraph to this main heading. Section should be at least two full pages to include the below subheadings.)
The Experience (based on your memos, field notes, and other experiences) (include this subheading in the paper)
(the experience information that can be used) The participant utilized for the interview was a student from class, and she’s currently working on her Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology. The student started her studies in 2020 at the university, and we interviewed using the standard form of questioning about social change. The student and I planned an interview date, kept the scheduled date to complete the assignment, and both parties were prepared with their questions and answers to accomplish the discussion by the time agreed.
Its clear that the interview best practice assignment better after the interview was completed with my interviewing partner. Rubin and Rubin (2012) discuss confidentially, being prepared, and establishing a good rapport (Laureate Education, 2016; Rubin & Rubin, 2012). Also, explaining what was happening/the reason before the interview, getting the interviewee comfortable to talk freely, and not convey one’s views on the topic is essential to the interviewer’s success (Laureate Education, 2016; Rubin & Rubin, 2012). Implementing knowledge into practice is always a good learning tool, and this exercise was an excellent way to see the authors’ thoughts from the readings firsthand.
As stated, both parties were prepared for the assignment. Both parties had structured questions and followed the basic format that started with informative information about the reasoning beyond the project. The interview with the other student was great. Due to the assignment requiring the use of alumni(s) or current students. However, it turned out to be great because we accomplished the task and agreed to complete other future assignments if needed.
Interviewing as a tool is critical to qualitative research, and the use of probes and prompting does help with the interviewing process (Ravitch & Carl, 2021; Rubin & Rubin, 2012). The probing techniques were helpful due to the questions being open-ended and the conversation having the ability to be unknowing and go in any direction (Rubin & Rubin, 2012). The authors clarify that probing helps with getting the information needed for the questions asked of my interview partner (Rubin & Rubin, 2012). After the interview, It was clear that the statement by Rubin and Rubin (2012) was accurate on probing, being the aim of getting detailed, clear, and personal information about the discussed topic.

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