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Writing instructions
Directions: Read Tanya Maria Barrientos’ narrative essay “Se Habla Espanol” and Tim Kreider’s narrative essay “A Man and His Cat”. Then, provide a developed paragraph (of 5-8 sentences) to answer #2 about Barrientos’ effect of beginning her essay with an anecdote on page 648, or answer #1 about Kreider’s purpose for writing this reflection paper on page 963. (Provide one well-developed paragraph for either Kreider’s #1 or Barrientos’ #2; do not answer both.)


  1. consistent use of third person point of view throughout the paragraph
  2. consistent use of present tense throughout the paragraph
  3. omission of contractions
  4. omission of colloquial and informal language
  5. MLA format of a paragraph–MLA heading and pagination; centered and creative and relevant title; indention; double spacing; Times New Roman text; font size-12
  6. clear and specific topic sentence to begin the paragraph: topic + thesis point (either Barrientos’ effect or Kreider’s purpose) + title of essay reflected

norton field book to writing with reading and handbook 4E richard bullock
maureen daly goggin
francine weinberg

Pages: 1 Double spaced (275 words)
Style and sources: MLA, 1 source
Free extras: Bibliography/ Reference page
Study level: School
Assignment type: Essay
Subject: Literature and Languages
Language: Us

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