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Leadership in Organisations (HRM 09105)
Tutorial Ten: Week Commencing Monday 23rd November 2020

In this tenth – and final – Tutorial, we will prepare for the second component of the assessment strategy for this module, namely the Reflective Essay.

In advance of this Tutorial, students are asked to read the PP slides for Lecture 10 [and accompanying Panopto recorded lecture (available on the module Moodle site)]. In addition, students are encouraged to listen again to the four recoded lectures by Andrew Edwards, Edel Harris, Laurence Clarke and Gary Deans.

Assessment Component Two

  1. Content [1500 words]:

From the material presented in Lecture Ten, please chose two leadership concepts (i.e. theory)[for example: leadership traits; distributed leadership].

Drawing on your work experience to date, please give example of how these two concepts relate to the world of practice/work [you can also offer further examples from the four guest lectures to support your work].

If you have no – or limited – work experience, please draw on the experiences/insights of the four guest lecturers to explain this relationship of theory to practice.

Note: In your answer, it is essential that you draw on the relevant literature – both academic and practitioner – to support your work.

An excellent submission will show how the ‘theory explains practice’ and/or how ‘the practice of leadership compliments or supports the stated theory’.

  1. Suggested Structure:

Introduction (10% – 150 words). This is what I am going to tell you…

In this essay, I was asked to…
The purpose is to …
Following sections (i.e. scope):

• Concept One
• Concept Two

Body of Work (80% – 1200 words). This is what I am telling you…

• Concept One and its relationship to practice (600 words) supported by relevant literature
• Concept Two and its relationship to practice (600 words) supported by relevant literature

Conclusion (10% – 150 words). This is what I have told you….

In summary… (nothing new).

Acid test: Should be able to understand submission fully from Introduction and Conclusion

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