Technology in the Online Classroom.

Online psychology courses help in time utility in conjunction with the commitments that a student may have. In future, a course in Business Management as an online psychological course shall be suitable for me. Business management is more of a theoretical discipline with
very few practices in class work and this encourages online tutoring or rather learning. Business management as a course has a plethora of chances and higher bid in job allocations in the current economic world. This, therefore, encourages the use of the technological advancements to
enhance the learning activities in different institutions.

Online learning proves to be the most appropriate method of offering the course given that the business world is dynamic and full of technological advancements and some of the modernizations of the operations. Management process is very critical in the business activities and hence the course deems to be more appropriate for me in future. Business management involves the learning of different methods that aid in running businesses. Some of the business includes institutions and some companies in the government. The course matriculates students to the field of having the knowledge to run the businesses and keep them successful throughout their period.

The online course deserves online learning and the vast use of different technologies in facilitating the learning process. A number of technological advancements have taken shape in the e-learning process. This includes the development of websites that students and tutors use in asking and answering questions that are related to their topic of study. Examples of such websites in the current world used in carrying out the e-learning include ‘Udemy’ and ‘Skillshare’. In Udemy, the students have direct interface with the tutors that are available online and the learning smoothly takes

The websites are very interactive that I deem very significant to use in carrying out my teachings in future for the online course. Another example of technology that can be employed in learning for the online purposes is the plagiarism checkers and grammar correctors. Online learning involves numerous internet use and abundant online searches for previous works and studies that may have been carried out by other students. To avoid or rather reduce the similarity index of the online retried works, the students should make it a custom of using the plagiarism checkers and grammar correcting software.

This will highly aid the students in learning and advance their skills in the online platforms. Apart from the software and the websites used in the learning process, there are other technological advances that can be employed. Some of the technological advances include the social networking sites and the blogging sites. In blogging pages, different bloggers portray different learning criteria and facilitate learning of activities in the business online classrooms.

Some of the blogging sites offer relevant materials that can be used in learning and perhaps giving a platform for interaction between different students and their teachers. The sites offer the best areas for sharing ideas just like the Skillshare website that offer materials used in learning business courses. The two basic technologies that I find very useful in learning of rather teaching online course are the website use like the Udemy and Skillshare and use of blogging pages that give the information about business management.

The technologies to be employed in the online learning of the Business management need a lot of instructions to guide the students. Some of the software used in developing some business models will need utmost focus and the step-wise guides. It must be considered that students have different learning capabilities. In order to unify this fact such that the students shall be having a common ground after the coursework, time allocations need to be done with them in mind. Students also have different intentions on the technologies employed in learning. Some would use the technologies and venture into cyber-crimes and violation of the cyber rules under the business markets. In order to annihilate such intentions, students will be restricted to the use of some software and limit their use (Smaldino, Lowther, Russell, & Mims, 2008).

Apart from the software used in the learning process, there are a number of sites considered as blogging pages and social network sites. The most abused site in the field of technology is the social network site which constitutes Facebook and Twitter. These sites are detrimental in controlling
the vices committed by students. Some students may have the mind of learning and utilize the social networking sites but others may be ill-minded and compromise the learning process. Due to the diversity in the minds of students, their access to the technologies should always be monitored to ensure that the best is derived from the online classroom. Some of the software used in the learning process must be equipped with instructions and the methods with which they are used (Berge & Collins, 1995).

In different cases, instructors need to give the best of advice to the students on the importance of the software and the repercussions that comes in
handy for the use of the software. Considerations should also be made to the impaired of the students towards the use of the technologies and the best alternatives given for them. Some students may be optically impaired and this may limit their utility towards the technologies. The software that is available for online learning needs to be equipped with the instructions on their use. The instructional design, therefore, needs to be displayed to students in order to have descent learning course. In the future tutoring process, the above technologies shall be very consequential. In order to have the maximum output for the students derived from the technological advancements, there will be a need for the giving instructions and the suitability of the technologies (Weiss, Knowlton, & Speck, 2000). In business management, the units learned to seem to be repetitive and this gives a high similarity index in assignments.

Most students may take this advantage and copy-paste some of the past papers for their own works. In order to avoid such a web, clear instructions need to be given in the use of technologies (Berge & Collins, 1995). In my classroom, there will be a high use of plagiarism software checkers. This will help in retaining the originality of assignments and the projects that are done by the students. The students will, therefore, graduate in a more competent manner and appreciate on how they are taught to be original.

In promoting a sense of community in the learning-sphere, the technologies serve the best purposes. Websites such as the Udemy acts as a reference site for millions of business students. In such a platform, the students interact with one another seek solutions to problems and consequently aid in the knowing the learning expectations from their respective online psychological courses. The websites act as an online classroom with a common goal of advancing their studies. Students from different countries or rather regions share ideas and compare their notes to gauge the suitability of their studies to the dynamic world (Markel & ECI, 2001). Teachers from all over the globe meet and advise different students on the expectations
from their respective learning outcomes. The technological instruments and the software in the online courses, aid in the making learning as simplified as possible.

The technologies have the best of chances to demonstrate that online classroom is best offered than the other learning forms like the in-classroom. According to Knowlton, (2000), the technologies bring the world together or rather make different regions as a single community. However, in the case of learning the world is brought to a single classroom where students raise questions and tutors and the instructors give them answers. In such a state, the technologies serve the best purpose of giving what is anticipated from the learning procedure. Business management is a less practical course and therefore it is best suited for online classrooms. Unlike other practical courses that will need field activities and laboratory experiments, business management is theoretical and suits the online class work. Technology in the online classrooms is very important in advancing the understanding of the processes.

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