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Therefore you will need to come up with some interview questions that you would ask black and ethnic minority students, who attend elite universities such as Oxford University and Cambridge University. Try and form questions that are open ended so that you have more to talk about in the thesis, as I was unable to actually accumulate any data for this research you can make the data up, I will change anything later on if it needs changing. So you can say you interviewed 5 students from 2 different universities. You did both individual interviews as well a focus group interviews. But please remember to just make up the answers, do whatever will make it easier for you to back up what you’ll be stating through secondary sources.
The formed interview questions will have to be part of the appendices, so you will need to scan a copy of the interview question you will have formed and put it as part of the appendices. I have done the abstract and part of the introduction, please edit as you see fit.
Research methods I have only got the interviews and focus groups. Individual interviews I have 5 people and focus group I have 4 people. Talk about how you made it ethical and confidentiality etc.…
As for findings this when everything is summed up and we can reflect on my research questions 1-3. What did the data collected state, did it agree what did the students think and what does research through secondary sources say, what are the answers?
Proposed project title Lack of representation of Black and Ethnic Minority students in the elite Universities in England

Proposed research question(s) 1. What are the considered factors that contribute to the underrepresentation of BAME students?

  1. How may a lack of culture within the university influence BAME and white students educational experiences?
  2. What are the perceived attitudes towards elite institutions?

Proposed setting(s) and participants for research (e.g. teachers in a local secondary school, fellow students at university, etc). Students in elite universities in England (Oxford and Cambridge University)

This study aims to present the findings of a research study which explores the experiences of black and ethnic minority (BAME) students within elite universities. The research is based in England with having gained data from elite public universities situated in small market towns. The issue of fewer people from BAME background holding certain positions within the different facets of society has been a subject of debate in the media in recent years and as a BAME student I have developed keen interest to establish why there is poor representation of BAME students, in elite universities. In popular media and social debates people with BAME background are considered less likely to be represented in elite universities. It is also found that the problem is in not allowing the opportunity to diversify UK universities, therefore, creating a division that segregates BAME students. This study aims are to share the perceptions of BAME students on their personal experiences within elite universities, highlighting their struggles, perceptions and treatment as well as their overall performance. Data was gained through the employment of one-on-one interviews and focus groups to a small number of undergraduates within the institution. The focus of this research is driven by the taboo subject that inspires my willingness to peruse this topic, not only does gaining insight and getting a better perspective interest me, however it is the opportunity to shed light on this topic through my own research.

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