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Answer the 3 questions below with about 600-700 word for each question.

The directors of Pumaline Ltd, a newly established company in the UK, have decided to comply with IFRS 13, ‘Fair Value Measurement’ in preparing financial statement for the year ending 31 December 2020.
Using relevant examples, critically discuss whether Fair Value can ever be fair.


‘It seems to me that, your power is a hidden power, because people only think of you as communicating reality, but in communicating reality, you construct reality’. ‘That’s right, a hidden power . . .’ (Hines 1988, p.25).


Using relevant examples, critically evaluate the above statement. You should take into consideration the issues of objectivity and subjectivity in accounting as well as whether accounting can ever be neutral, value free, objective and provide a faithful representation of the economic reality.​ (50 marks)


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should expose the basic contradictions and exploitative aspects of the capitalist economic system.


Critically evaluate the above statement, citing relevant examples.

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