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Professional Issues
What defines a profession?
 Professions involve essentially intellectual operations;
 They derive their raw material from science and learning;
 This material they work up to a practical and defined end;
 They possess educationally communicable techniques;
 They tend to self-organize; and they are becoming
increasingly altruistic in motivation.
Based on this definition, nursing did not meet the criteria of a profession. In
response, the professional status of nursing was evaluated. Again, nursing was
deficient as a true profession.
What does it take to be a profession?
 A profession is defined as a complex, organized occupation preceded by a
long training program geared toward the acquisition of exclusive
knowledge necessary to provide a service that is essential or desired by
society, leading to a monopoly that provides autonomy, public recognition,
prestige, power, and authority for the practitioner.
 Expertise
 Autonomy
 Accountability
 Authority
 Unity
 The characteristic of having a high level of specialized skill
and knowledge.
How do we do this?
Educational requirements
Guided practice
Examination for licensure
Mandatory continuing education

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