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• Please start with highlighting how important the data visualization and in particular in finance sector because “a picture is worth a thousand words” and …..
• Sustainable finance or “sustainable investing” is a new concept in Saudi Arabia and in the process of evolving in order to accelerate the country transition to low carbon, circular economy. However, compared with GCC, Saudi Arabia have not developed ESG guidelines and did not engaged in sustainability reporting yet. Saudi Arabia needs to promote sustainable finance through government policies , awareness campaigns and education initiatives
• Saudi Arabia is working on promoting sustainable development by reducing its dependence on oil as well as its contribution to global carbon emissions (2030 vision)
• sustainable finance is wide concept integrating the three main aspects of human’s life; economic, social and environmental. Therefore, it incorporate the humane part of investing
• This data visualization is a survey conducted by CFA institute of 2800 CFA institute members by asking them which of the following factors : Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) you take into consideration when conducting investment analysis
• From this chart, increasing in numbers of market participants considering ESG factors in their investment analysis
• motivations for considering ESG factors are:

  1. to help manage investment risks
  2. clients/investors demand it
  3. it’s fiduciary duty
  4. firm derives reputational benefits
  5. To improve financial returns
  6. To help identity investment opportunities

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