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Cavendish report must be used and the Francis report must be used.

The purpose of this dissertation is to either prove of disprove that the introduction of the care certificate for the healthcare support workers has either been beneficial in improving the level off competence in healthcare support workers or that nothing really has change since the Francis and Cavendish report and the patient safety is still put at risk.

The attached documents needs to be careful read. The document with the instruction on the dissertation guide needs to be religiously followed by the letter! Particular attention should be paid to CRITICAL ANALYSIS and proven throughout the work. Critical analysis is paramount for this level of work.

PEO needs to be used for ths systematic review but a CRITICAL JUSTIFICATION AND ANALLYSIS needs to be used to discuss and explain why PEO was chosen over other methodologies, reference to wider reading,

Undertake the research using the defined term that are given in the document attached (it is the one that has written by hand PEO);

“A prisoner flow chart” would be very beneficial but I am happy for the writer to add anything else.

It is important to ensure that the work reflect wider reading and that the critical analysis and justification is present at all time to reflect the level of work.

Type Of Service: Dissertation services
Type Of assignment: Dissertation
Subject: Nursing
Pages/words: 55/15000
Number of sources: 1
Academic Level: Master’s
Paper Format: APA
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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