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The selection processes of this project were based on the consensus among the involved group members. Further, it also prioritized the group members’ suggestions based on the current situations and trends experienced within Florence, Tuscany, Italy and the entire world. As a result, the choice was based on the question related to the current pandemic. The significance of this choice was to assist in understanding in-depth aspects of related to international project management and the requirements of a specific set of critical skills that can be incorporated to successfully manage projects. Besides, coronavirus management was one of the issues that could provide an overview of international project management due to its impact on the world. As a result, the need to develop an effective test, track, and trace system for coronavirus was the selected topic for project management.
The occurrence of coronavirus pandemics in the world has impacted the livelihood of people in different measures. The economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic has been devastating, with tens of millions of people being at risk of falling to uncomfortable changes of lifestyles. Coronavirus has also affected people’s mental health, such as isolation, loss of income, and fear that have triggered the establishment of mental health issues. As a result, it was necessary to develop an effective testing, tracking, and tracing system for coronavirus. The aim of this project is to determine the relevant testing, tracking, and tracing system in Florence, Tuscany, Italy.
Effective Testing, Tracking, and Tracing System.
Since the detection of coronavirus in the world, the ambition to deliver a further substantial increase in testing was significant for the health care management system in various ways. The push for more tests was an effective measure that would help determine the number of people affected by the virus within their localities. In Florence, Tuscany, Italy, coronavirus’s situation was worse at the beginning of the pandemic than in most parts of the world and required new measures that would be essential to detect, track and trace the condition among the affected people. Additionally, testing the virus is not considered a medical intervention and does nothing to control the disease among the affected people (Wilmink et al., 2020). It only has the value if the test is reliable, and a positive measure is triggered to have a quick and effective response to detecting the affected individuals. Various types of testing can be conducted to determine whether an individual is affected by coronavirus or not. The molecular diagnostic tests and serologic tests are some of the available tests that are critical for detecting the disease. Molecular diagnostic tests are essential in tracking viral genetic materials in a patient sample (Godlee, 2020). The samples are then taken from places that are likely to have high virus concentration using a swab to collect samples from the back of the mouth or nose. On the other hand, serology tests for coronavirus are done once the patient has recovered where the virus is eliminated from the patient’s body, and then molecular tests that can no longer tell whether such an individual had been previously infected (Godlee, 2020). Nonetheless, the use of molecular laboratory tests remains the most effective testing system since these tests are informative towards whether an individual is infected at the time of test or not. Additionally, the molecular tests also present the most accurate testing method despite being resource-intensive in most cases, and they are being used (Godlee, 2020).

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