Assessment Instructions

There are ten questions on this paper.
Candidates must choose THREE questions to answer.
No credit will be given for additional questions answered.
Please state which question number you are answering when writing your answers.
All questions carry equal weight.
Candidates must avoid giving the same answer to more than one question.

Word Limit
The word limit is 1000 words per question.
The examiners will be expecting answers similar to those produced under examination conditions, not long essays. Full references and bibliographies are not therefore expected, unless specified in the assessment instructions. However, if you do use another author’s words, it is essential that you use quotation marks and proper citations. You do not need a bibliography except to provide the source where you have used another author’s words.


  1. How would European refugee policies be impacted by Turkish accession to the EU?
  2. Can the Unites States still afford to be a nation of immigrants? Compare Kennedy’s and Borjas’s arguments.
  3. How is migration systems theory relevant to the case of the former Dutch East Indies/Indonesia?
  4. Has Portes and Forte’s prediction on the net migration effects of the Brexit vote turned out to be accurate? Elaborate.
  5. Why is ‘discursive Europeanisation’ more effective in old EU member states and ‘prescriptive Europeanisation’ in new EU member states?
  6. Compare European and US unauthorized immigrant populations and assess to what extent the differences are related to different policy approaches.
  7. Compare the benefits of sharply distinguishing smuggling and trafficking or approaching them as on a continuum.
  8. Is the French policy of “co-development” more a ploy to reduce migrant numbers in France or an instrument of its development policy?
  9. Compare immigrant incorporation in Germany and Australia and assess the ability of the state to control migration.
  10. How are security, development and humanitarian aid related in Loescher’s solution for the protracted refugee situations of the African Great Lakes region?

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