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Questions are as followed. Please answer one question in per section.

1.Using the case study for context critically evaluate the role of culture in determining a standardised or adapted approach to the marketing of an organisation’s international market offering.

2.Using examples from the case, critically discuss how the potential determinants of Ambhar Global Spirits’choice hat influenced the mode of entry and distribution channel selection for the target market.

3.Critically discuss to what extent organizational versus national culture affects the individual decision-making process when negotiating in international markets using the case study as context for your answer.


4.Using an analysis of Ambhar Global Spirits’competitive advantage examine and compare the value of country specific advantages and firm specific advantages in developing an international marketing strategy.

5.Critically discuss the relevance and role of ‘Designation of Origin’ in the case of Ambhar Global Spirits. What are the advantages and challenges from an international marketing perspective?

6.Public relations (PR) are omitted from the new marketing strategy. Present a case for and against this omission in relation to Ambhar Global Spiritsand the product category in general.

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