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[ ] History of Denmark (but not in depth)
[ ] Talk about the Denmark educational system
• School starting age
• Assessment
• Observations
• Inspections
• The curriculum
• Pedagogy
• Prevental partnership with parents
[ ] Talk about what is comparative education and why Its important?
[ ] The difference between England and Denmark education system
[ ] Political context ¨C11C[ ] Social construction of childhood; ¨C12C• How the child is viewed (discourses) and how childhood is viewed in Denmark? for example; In Denmark it would appear that childern have used in terms of a romantic discours as they are nurtured and their educational system focuses on ……. (bring in literature) ( if their is more then one discours, please add them in and explain).

• How the child is viewed in England ( romantic discourse: EYFS , Safegarding, the child welfare. Utilitarian discourse: school readiness )

[ ] Conclusion need to be on reflection (show a good understanding on the research ) For example:

• Their is limited and lack of literature around the discourse on how childern are viewed in denmark, however from reflection it could be be seen as a child is viewed in a romantic discours becuse…..

• The idea that childhood was very socially constructed , however their isn’t a global form of childhood as……

• Childhood is governed by international institutions and international law

• Childhood is shaped by both the local and the global (Wells, 2009, pp.1-3).

• Their isn’t one global Childhood, that depends on the society, culture and political landscape in the county at that time which all influence childcare/education practices. So ‘profoundly different expectations can be had of children’s depending on society, culture at any specific time’

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