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Summaries for the following needed:

Zuboff, S. (2019). Home or exile in the digital future. In The age of surveillance capitalism (pp. 128–175). Public Affairs.
The age of surveillance capitalism

Answer the entire reading as a summary with the question: What are the characteristics that contribute to the age of surveillance capitalism?

1. What is The Extraction Imperative?

2. What is Cornered?

3. What is the Dispossession Cycle?

4. What is Stage One: Incursion?

5. What is Stage Two: Habituation?

6. What is Stage Three: Adaptation?

7. What is Stage Four: Redirection?

8. Why do Dogs have Audacity? What is the significance?

9. What is the Dispossession Competition?

10. What is the Siren Song of Surveillance Revenue? What is the significance?

Type Of Service: Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment: Coursework
Subject: Sociology
Pages / words: 2/550
Number of sources: N/A
Academic Level: Freshman(College 1st year)
Paper Format: APA
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: CA writer

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