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Performance Analysis in Football Course.
2 Pages, 1 for Coach, 1 for Athlete

In the coach infographic, you will mostly be showing data of the whole team For the athlete infograph, maybe choose one player and then compare him with 3-4 other players with similar data results 1 once you do that, then learn how to best create and present the data of the variables in excel (i.e. what sort of graph best presents the data, etc.) 1 and then you can go ahead and start creating your infographics remember, you need to also understand which datasets, etc. are valuable information for coaches and which are not and also for players/athletes once you complete your infographs, you should then have a better understanding of what you can discuss within your ‘recommendations’ section. and also search and find research articles on what sort of training recommendations are valid for all players during season 1 “The difficulty in this assessment lies in attempting to capture all the essential information included in the raw data and present it in a meaningful manner for the two different target readers (i.e., the coach and the player).” you will get high marks if you can interpret and compare variables (example: player load & heart rate) from the ‘End of Pre-Season’ data you will get less marks for comparing for example; only one variable (e.g. player load data) between early+mid+end pre-seasons – because that is very easy also if the data for one player is lower or higher than another player, it can be because of positional differences (i.e. midfielders run more, etc.)

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