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Project Plan to Implement a Specific Patient Service Innovation

100% weighting. 4000 words

Executive Summary (10 marks)

Section 1: Problem Identification and Background Evidence (20 marks)

Section 2: Implementation Plan (40 marks)

Section 3: Learning recommendation (10 marks)

Section 4: Annexes (10 marks)

overall academic presentation Reference: (10 marks)

SECTION 1: Problem Identification and Background Evidence
The project plan forming the basis of this report concerns the creation and implementation of hand hygiene badges for to enhance infection control and that improve quality of care accorded to the patients. The first section of the report will present evidence about the significance of implementing the hand hygiene badges for nurses and the aims and the objectives of the quality improvement project. Section 2 of the report entails the implementation of the quality improvement proposal and section 3 will provide measures that will be used to evaluate project. The report will end with section 4 which will provide a reflection of learning experiences and recommendations based on the findings from the proposal.

Topic Choice
I have worked in a cardiac care unit in a hospital and during my placements, I have encountered in hospital infection transmission cases among patients. As an student nurse, I have encountered both easy and difficult scenes when dealing infection transmission at the cardiac care unit. In some cases, patients admittedrecovered easily without instances of hospital acquired infections (HAI); however, in some cases, patients suffered severe consequences HAIs leading to poor quality care and patient satisfaction. Yet in all these complicated encounters, nurses are usually expected to provide ultimate care and help the patients recover fully and minimise instances of any avoidable adverse events among other issues such as hospital length of stay.

The problem identified in the hospital is similar to the problem I examined in the literature review. The literature review I did show that nurses play an important role in managing recovery among patients in cardiac care unit. However, their roles are negatively affected because of poor hand hygiene compliance. Particularly, hand hygiene compliance was between 50 and 70% and the average for pre-interventions being 46.72% and post-interventions being 67% (Anwar &Elareed, 2019; Sharif et al. 2016; Bahri, &Oguz, 2015; Gould &Moralejo, 2017; Martos Cabrera et al., 2019; Mona &Wafaa 2013; Quilab&Shamarra, 2019; Sands &Aunger, 2020; TurkeyWinship&McClunie 2016). hospital implemented strategies such as posters, reminders, workshops and practical scenarios; however, only 72.1% of the nurses adhered to the HH guideline for their own protection while 41.7% adhered to the guideline in the best interest of thepatients (Anwar &Elareed, 2019; Sharif et al. 2016; Bahri, &Oguz, 2015; Gould &Moralejo, 2017; Martos Cabrera et al., 2019; Mona &Wafaa 2013; Quilab&Shamarra, 2019; Sands &Aunger, 2020; TurkeyWinship&McClunie 2016).Therefore, there is a need for interventions to enhance hand hygiene and thus minimize HAIs in hospitals.

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