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Topic: Individual Research Project

You will need to work individually on the topic provided in the next section (2.
SPECIFIC TOPIC) of this worksheet, which contain the essential information you
cannot work out alone from the data provided (for instance, it does not indicate the
number of participants) or from what it makes sense to do considering the previous
literature. You are NOT required to collect any more data and you can download the
dataset to analyse from PSY-20044 space on the KLE.
You will then have to write up a standard laboratory report of the experiment
proposed. The deadline for submission is the same as for group project reports
(Please see your module guide).
Submit your work to the same Assessment Dropbox as the group project
Structure of the report:
Include a title and an abstract. Your standard Introduction should explain the
background and rationale for the experiment, and describe the hypotheses
assessed. Include wider reading, beyond the papers provided here or in the
Psytoolkit site. You should write a standard Method section based on the information
provided and your reading of the literature. Apply the appropriate two-factor ANOVA
to the data and write up the Results section. A conventional Discussion section also
must be presented. Ensure the discussion includes an appropriate critical
assessment of the experiment and suggestions as to how the experiment reported
could be improved. In addition, a Reference section will be required and appendices
(e.g., containing SPSS output) will also be required. Your word limit is 2,000 words
(not including title, abstract and reference list).
Please for very detailed information about the structure (section by section) of the
report, and the maximum amount of marks that can be attributed to each section,
see the document “Marking Criteria and Structure for Individual Lab Report” on
KLE, module information page.
A note about the references listed in this document: the aim is to provide you
with some background, but this does not mean that all their content is necessary
for your report (for
instance, there may be conditions that are not relevant for your report, or some
complicated analysis procedures that you are not required to know). If you have any
issue to access the full text via the links provided, please use the site of Keele
Library. These references should be integrated with wider reading in order to
provide evidence for the Introduction and the Discussion. Please note that for
Studies 1 and 3 wider reading should not be limited to the references provided in the
Psytoolkit site (even though, of course, you can read and cite those papers if you
consider them relevant).

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Type of Assignment: Lab report
Subject: Psychology
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Academic level: Undergraduate
Paper format: APA
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