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5 Methodology
1.5.1 introduction
The research will employ the right methodology strategies or approaches used to get an understanding and information about the phenomena under study. The research strategies employed will include; research philosophy, research approach, research methods, and research strategy, data collection methods, data analysis techniques, and ethical considerations are analysed
1.5.2 Research philosophy
The methodology used determine the credibility of the dissertation. It is necessary to build up a reliable write up to enable it to be a true record. The use of pragmatist philosophy helps to determine the facts of search engine optimization in growth and creation of profits to the SMEs (Alghamdi & Li, 2013). The method employs a mixed approach in analysis of data, qualitative and quantitative approaches. The use of mixed approaches encourages a flexible verification of data and enhances its integration into the study.
1.5.3 Research Approach
The research problem necessitates observations from the real-world performance of SMEs and utilization of search engine optimization to create more profits. The research approach applicable to this research is the inductive strategy as it alludes from observation. A comparison will be done to summarize the place of search engine optimization in performance of small enterprises in the United Kingdom The research will be enhanced by use of questionnaires to collect data from IT experts. The collected primary data will be the point of observation of the research however, the hoarding of information is a limitation to the research (Veglis & Giomelakis, 2020).
1.5.4 Research Method
This research will use quantifiable data and qualitative data. The mixed research method will be used to cover all the scope of data. The quantitative method will be used to analyse the statistical implication of collected data. The complex data will be analysed using the qualitative method tools (Gerring, 2008) to determine how the data applies to the research and its implication on the effect of SEO on performances of SMEs. The data to be analysed need to be collected. The data to be used must be scholarly and verifiable in order to paint a true reflection to the impact of SEOs to SMEs. The funds and time constraints will limit our research scope to London. Questionnaires will be sent to experts to collect primary data and secondary data will be extracted from verifiable and scholarly sources such as google scholar (Hao et al., 2020).
1.5.5 Data Analysis
Data analysis is important in the determination of the usability of the data in determining the information to be made out of them. Statistical and non- statistical tools will be used to analyse the data obtained from both secondary and primary data. Stata analytical tool will be used to determine the relationship between the variables of investigation to consider the relationship of SEO and SMEs performances in London. Regression analysis is also a very important tool to help determine the relationship of independent data and dependent data (Guillén et al., 2020).

1.6 Limitations
Every research is faced by delimitations due to the imperfect and incomplete information in any field of research. Every research must include a limitation to enable any recipient of the information is aware of the gaps in the research (Price & Murnan,2004). Scope is a major delimitation to this research. There is a time constraint and funds are inadequate to carry out a full conclusive research (Akanle et all,2020). The limitation on scope necessitate to limit the area of coverage to London only. Funds are needed to enable an effective research the limit of finances give a restrain to the depth of the research. There is a limitation on the relevance of historical secondary data. When we collect secondary data and analyze the data, it may fall out the current changes in the field hence causing the research being irrelevant to the SMEs.
Access is a necessary requirement to acquire data. The SMEs bureaucracy of acquiring data is subject to the willingness of experts of the field and the businesses openness to share the impact of search engine optimization to profitability (Akanle et all,2020). The business model of competition may limit the openness of SMEs to share information that give them competition advantage over the other SMEs and large firms this will limit the completeness of the research due to incomplete information.

SMEs profitability is a bundle of sticks, of various variables in the market and production process. In order to effectively determine the role of SEO in profitability a complex study of other variables in play must be considered. The other variables may lead to an interpretation of data hitch due to the existence of other forces in the operation of the small enterprises. Human limits are a component of the society this is why a research must be considerate to the existence of these setbacks and follow the rules of research to minimize the influence the outcome and final recommendations.
1.7 Conclusion
Search engine optimization should be a priority of any SMEs which has a longevity existence. SEO draw clienteles to a business, this increases the potentiality of the business to reach a large market. Increased traffic is important as SERF helps to determine the specific wants in the society. The global market is shifting and every stakeholder in the market field should figure out to create an enabling field to allow the SMEs to adopt to online presence for a far reach.

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