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a. Introduce your puzzle or question.
Write a short intro then mention these 2 research questions.
(1) What lessons can be learned from the Canadian Immigration Policy response to the COVID-19 Pandemic?
(2) What type of recovery planning does Canada need?

b. Briefly explain why it is important or relevant to the field.
c. Define the key terms.
Define the main terms you are going to use.
You need to establish the ground rules that define what you are explaining. If you are investigating the role of ethnicity in civil wars, what do you mean by ethnicity, and what is a civil war? If you are focusing on how NGOs fight corruption, what do you mean by corruption?
In our case, some of the terms you must define (and you can use subtitles for each one) are: policy, immigration policy, policy making, response, etc.
Readers do not need to know every source you read. They just need a general sense of any debates, and the reasons you think your definitions are best. (If there are any obvious drawbacks to your definition, mention them here. Then justify why you use them anyway.)

d. Provide a brief roadmap to the paper itself, introducing each section and identifying how the paper will proceed to answer the research questions. (This paper has 7 sections: intro, Lit review, hypothesis, methods, Findings, Analysis and Conclusion) write 1-2 lines about each section

(under each of the below 2 main subtitles, you can add clear and consistent secondary subtitles, to make the comparison between the pre and post clear.)
(1) Immigration Policy in Canada Pre-COVID 19
(2) Immigration Policy in Canada Post-COVID19
HYPOTHESES (Here write these exact words/sentence, this is what you will “argue for throughout the paper”)
The initial Canadian Immigration response to the pandemic was divorced from the real impacts of COVID-19. However, at 2021 Canada has turned approach by introducing new measurements.

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