A scenario involving a patient where You have observed from placement. The patient suffered from dementia and the scenario was where staff had not given proper care and would ignore call bells when she wanted to go out for a cigarette.
You need to analyse personal cultural and structural factors which may have affected the ability of yourself and others to provide a humanised care for that patient. It needs to include the theoretical framework developed by todres et al (2009). Needs to include the pcs model. Needs to talk
About humanising care and dehumanising care and oppression discrimination . It needs to all link back to the scenario. Needs to talk about power and empowerment in context of Thompson’s pcs model. Describe how power can be used to achieve a positive and humanised approach to care or be used to reinforce oppression vulnerability and dehumanisation. Analyses ways to support a process of empowerment in relation to power over.. power to… power with.. power within at all levels of pcs model. Need to talk about cultural influence. Describe factors that have influences in the culture of nursing. Discuss the impact of occupational socialisation and organisational culture on how
Nurses work. Examine the relationship between personal
Values culture and power relationships on nurses work . Talk about how nurses can pursue humanising values in a place that support task achievement as a priority. Talk about structural influences. Responding to oppression . Everything needs to be referenced and up to date references.

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