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please use ‘AK Dissertation template’ to write disertation. the layout is done with how many words should be included in each section.
I have also included some pdf texts which may be used as referencesLatest revision comment

Please, work in file ‘to revise’ and address the following:

-please, substitute all studies that do not involve south Asians in particular and provide relevant info, some example below:

– The paper should be focused on South Asians. “A survey conducted by Kamasak et al. (2019), which investigated race discrimination and management of ethnic diversity and migration at work, discovered that this discrimination is rooted back in the historical immigration of the Asians and the minor groups” – this information is irrelevant, firstly, because the paper is from 2019, secondly, because it covers all Asians, not South Asians specifically.

“In a study conducted by Franco-Paredes et al. (2020), it was observed that the virus is higher in the BAME communities in the UK” – again, too general, there is no focus on South Asians.

“Similarly, the vulnerable groups were the most affected by the pandemic, astoundingly indicating that the first ten deaths reported in the health sector in the UK were Blacks and Asians” – again, too general.

“Phiri (2020) further suggest that among 3883 COVID-19 patients, 14% were Asians” – all Asians? Which percent out of this number was South Asians?

-revise conclusion: Implication for Practice talk about general recommendations, Limitations – Similarly, the research used data from predominantly South Asian communities which can make it extremely difficult to generalize discrimination among other ethnic minorities – the preciseness of the topic cannot be a limitation

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