Topic: history

Answer all questions,

Unit Paper #4
Using the Unit Paper Format, answer the following
Discussion Questions:

  1. Discuss Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal. How did the New Deal
    impact the lives of African Americans, especially in NYC?
  2. Who was A. Phillip Randolph? Discuss him and his role in the
    African American quest for civil rights. What street in NYC is conamed in his honor?
  3. Discuss the impacts of World War II on African Americans. How did
    it influence the Civil Rights Movement?
  4. Discuss the precedent set by Brown v. Board of Education. How did
    it change American society?
  5. Discuss the Black Panther Party and its widespread Influence on
    Federal Social Policies, i.e. Free Breakfast Programs. Discuss the
    Tuskegee Experiment & COINTELPRO.
  6. A Suburban Nation: Discuss the impacts of the Interstate Highways
    System, Urban Renewal, & Public Housing in creating a segregated
    landscape. THINK: New York City and the greater metropolitan area

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