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Security and privacy concerns remain a primary concern in all healthcare organizations These concerns have been addressed with federal laws and industry regulations. Part of the HIPAA legislation is Title II which notes privacy standards and regulation governing the confidentiality of the protected health information and provides the minimum standards for which all health organizations must operate in this area.

It is recommended that you work on this assignment as you complete your Unit 4 activities, and view lectures and interviews. Your responses should be thorough, well-conceived college-level responses that are grammatically correct. When you answer these questions, justify your responses with facts and details from the readings, and with your conclusions. Please write your answers in complete sentences.

Describe three key patient-privacy related concerns the typical hospital or other healthcare organizations face. For each, clearly describe the concern, the importance of each, and proposed penalties for failing to protect against these concerns.

Review HIPAA privacy standards and safeguards, identifying two administrative requirements used to protect Patient Privacy when using an EHR.

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