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Your Role:
Think about your role as a Health or Social Care Planner who is responsible for developing a draft service plan. Remember this is not a clinical role, you are trying to plan to achieve a set of specific outcomes at a community level. You will not be providing direct care so please keep that in mind.

In this final assignment you should give some thought to how your plan will be evaluated. This topic is covered in the final workshop, but review and evaluation should be key to any planning process.

This template is based on the Queensland Health regional planning documents:


You can review (but not plagiarise!) this document to assist you in writing your plan.

We have included a basic word count for each section, as with assessment 2, to give you some direction on how much to write. This is a guide. Feel free to use references (APA format please) and you can append additional information as required – this will not affect your word count.

Planning Steps

.1 Scope the planning activity you are undertaking – 200-250 words

.2 Define the population and health/social care service environment 500-600 words – this is quite long but you will have done some of this for assignment 2.

.3 Identify the health service needs 250-300

.4 Prioritise the health service needs 200-300

.5 Identify the health service directions 250-300

.6 Develop/analyse service options 300-400

.7 Develop objectives and strategies 300-400

.8 Evaluation – give and indication of how you would evaluate your plan and what data you would need to do this. 200-250 words

.9 Any appendices you decide to include in support of your plan (not included in word count).

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