Objective: Understand the social psychology of persuasion and propaganda in social conflicts by undertaking a content analysis of web sites devoted to looking at both sides of the conflict. Examples of social conflicts include:

  1. Abortion (Pro-life vs Pro-Choice
  2. Gun Control (Pro and Anti)
  3. Gay Marriage/ Marriage Equality (Pro and Con)
  4. Or an issue of your choosing, provided that you clear it with me first
    Preparation: Chapter 8 of Baumeister & Bushman and lecture 18 and the 8 propaganda devices (https://propagandacritic.com/index.php/how-to-decode-propaganda/what-is-propaganda-analysis/). As always, your report should be conceptually oriented by illustrating specific concepts using the data derived from the sources of propaganda you are analysing.
    Method: Content Analysis
  5. Select which conflict you are going to analyse. If you have strong feelings on any one of these conflicts, I would encourage you to choose a different conflict, as I will expect that you will undertake a dispassionate analysis of the propaganda of both sides of these conflicts.
  6. Search the internet for at least two websites, one on either side of the conflict. Choose the strongest and the most partisan websites you can locate, as these will be easier to analyse. You may use more than two, but this is not necessary.
  7. Copy and paste material from both websites which illustrates key points you wish to make. Carefully review the materials, and annotate them by highlighting and labelling relevant passages that will be discussed in your report. It is important to develop a good, clear system of annotation so that you will be directing the reader to the appropriate passage with a minimum of fuss. Neatness counts. You are limited to 3 pages of web content from each site (6 pages total) so you may need to cut and paste key points so that each side fits within a 3 page per site limit. If you find it easier, you may literally cut and paste material that you print out and take a picture of each page or scan it and attach the file.

 Helpful Website for Annotation Instructions:
i. WikiHow—See Sample for Article Annotation https://www.wikihow.com/Annotate

  1. In undertaking you content analysis and in writing your report, you will want to explore concepts such as:
     The Yale Model of Persuasion (various aspects)
     Characteristics of the source
     Arousal of fear
     Audience factors
     The channel of communication
     Cognitive factors
     Elaboration likelihood model
     Inoculation, forewarning
     Propaganda devices (see website link)
     Other relevant concepts from unit
  2. Compare the two (or more) site in terms of the quality of their propaganda. Comment to what extent this particular propaganda has impacted you. Were you at all persuaded by one side over another? Why or why not? Who do you think would be most persuaded by the propaganda of each side of these conflicts?
  3. Finally, comment upon the prevalence of propaganda in today’s society. Do you think that we are more or less likely to be effected by propaganda in this age of television, internet and social media?

Write up your content analysis in a 6-7 page report. In your write up, include the use of one scholarly journal article. Please ensure that you attach both your write up and web site content appendix to your submission in OWL.

Type of service: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Psychology
Pages/words: 6/1650
Number of sources: 7
Academic level: Senior(college 4th year)
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
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