Appraise the importance and impact of global trade and globalisation IN GENERAL

Relating to your company contrast at least two international markets in two different countries – compare them going into detail using PESTLE and Porter’s Five forces model applicable to the international market (the countries you want to expand to)

[Ask students to sign up for Euromonitor Login – Euromonitor International]

using Coventry University login details to research on their chosen company/industry sectors in various International markets.


Internationalisation – how are they making businesses international i.e what entry strategies are they applying – (import /export, turnkey, joint venture, franchising – most successful etc).

ANSOFF matrix – market penetration, product development market development (most relevant to internationalisation – existing product new market) and diversification

Porter’s generic strategies – cost leadership differentiation cost focus differentiation focus

Internationalisation Drivers

Using Lo4 and Lo5 make a case for expansion in one of the 2 countries.


Based on LO4 & LO5 – what are the findings, what strategies would suit them , what are the practical issues and solutions for example – Currency issues.

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