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Question Booklet

Source Booklet required for this mock: “Living in Poverty”

 Read through both extracts.
 Annotate the texts with any techniques you can find.
 Pay close attention to the wording of the questions.
 Highlight the quotations you want to use.
 Use sophisticated vocabulary choices throughout.

• What do I need to do for this question?
• What am I expected to write?
• What do I want to say and how can I say it best?
• Have I inferred as much as I can?
• Read the question again and then read over your response. Have you answered the question?

Question 1 (AO1)
Please refer to SOURCE A from lines 1-14 for this question.

Identify FOUR statements which are TRUE from the options below.
You can highlight the 4 correct statements or write “TRUE” next to the statements.

(4 marks)

A: Child poverty in Britain is treated as a national emergency.
B: Children are going hungry in Britain.
C: Levels of child poverty have decreased since 2012.
C: It is predicted that by 2023-4, the number of children living in poverty will be the highest since records began.
D: The writer believes that healthy food should be provided to vulnerable children from households experiencing low and unpredictable incomes.
E: There is now more awareness than ever before of the problem of child poverty and hunger.
F: Celebrities on social media do not help influence change.
G: The government do not provide funding for poor families.
H Two in five children do not receive free school meals.

*For Tutor Use
Q1 mark achieved: /4
Feedback for Q1:

Question 2 (AO1)
Please refer to Source A and Source B for this question.

Both sources describe the challenges of living in poverty.

Use details from both sources to write a summary of what you understand about the similarities and/or differences of the challenges presented by living in poverty.

(8 marks)

*For Tutor Use
Q2 mark achieved: /8
Feedback for Q2:
Question 3 (AO2)

Please refer to Source B for this question.

How has the writer used language to describe the mudlarks?

You could refer to their:
• appearance
• behaviour
• daily routine.

(12 marks)

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