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Module assessment – summary:

This module is 75% coursework and 25% two online quizzes. This brief gives details of the coursework element of your assessment. The quizzes, to assess knowledge and understanding of each taught section, are scheduled for:

• 3rd December 2020 (LO3)
• 22nd April 2021 (LO3)

LO3 demonstrate a knowledge and critical understanding of the theory and practice of Gamification

This coursework assignment is 2000 words drawing upon Gamification theory and practice from the whole of the module assessing LOs 1,2,4,5. You must reference your work correctly in the text and provide a full bibliography at the end. Harvard Referencing Convention must be used.

LO1 demonstrate an understanding of fun, motivation and engagement and their importance to Gamification and in the design of Gamification solutions
LO2 demonstrate a sound knowledge of existing models of game design and gamification design
LO4 show insight into how Gamification can be theoretically effectively applied in business
LO5 demonstrate a critical understanding of how the impact of Gamification can be evaluated

Hand-in deadline for coursework:

You are required to submit this assignment on 10 am Monday 24th May 2021 via Turnitin on the ML232 module area on Mystudies. It is essential that you include a word count on your submission.

Module assessment – detail:

You are required to write a business report proposing a Gamification solution for a specific business issue. Please ensure that you agree the specific issue with Pete Jenkins and Penny Simpson to ensure that it is appropriate prior to it being the focus of your study. Your written report is required to be 2000 words (plus or minus 10%) in length. In your answer you are expected to include critical analysis of relevant information from a wide range of sources, critical discussion of models of game design and gamification design, an application of Gamification theory to business practice, and a recommendation for how you would evaluate its impact.

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