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• Task 2: Minor Essay (30%) 1800 words.
o Minor Essay (30%). Due 7th MayTurnitin Assignment 2
o Examine how schools and families in the Australian context have changed their attitude towards children since World War II.
Your essay should include some reference to the following four themes:

  1. Educational reforms and their influence on, for example:- participation rates, classroom and behaviour management, pedagogies, literacy acquisition, skilled workforce, further education expectations, attitudes toward Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, Education revolution: BYOD (Bring your Own Device); values education, Safe Schools Program.
  2. The ACARA curriculum reforms and the NESA syllabus documents.
  3. The Teacher Education Student’s specialisation and how it is taught in Christian or alternate school contexts.
  4. Specific educators that support the student’s opinions (Graduate stage: 1.1.1; 1.2.1; 1.3.1; 2.1.1; 7.1.1; 7.2.1; 7.3.1; 7.4.1)
  1. What is the content of the task? One way of answering this question is to go through the question and underline every noun that you are asked to engage with in the task. For example, in this task, the nouns (and clarifying adjectives) are:
  2. What is the action for the task? The verbs help us understand this expectation:
  3. Other Information – you have been given four contextualizing themes which will help you to target your response – go through these and again identify the nouns and verbs.
  4. Key Resources.
  5. The Assessment rubrics – always keep these in mind – for this task, it is spread up as follows:
    You must use the key literature from the course!
    And –
    Contact your lecturer sooner rather than later if the task is not making sense to you!
    Wiltshire and Donnelly (2014) Review of the National Curricula,File
    This is the first chapter of an overview of what has happened in Australian curriculum. The review as called by the Federal Government to describe the strengths and weaknesses of the nationally based curriculum, which is the basis of what we teach in schools across Australia.

It is also an excellent explanation of the dominant philosophical approaches that have had an impact on Australian education, plus a fine description of the resultant possible ‘styles’ of pedagogy that have been implemented in Australian pedagogy.

Go to the DHANZ site as per the link below – this is very good, contemporary, but is essentially a dictionary style, which gives you a clear and concise start to understanding educational trends and patterns of teaching practice.

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