Comprehensive state of the art of used ML methodologies, including citations and references.

The paper should define clearly what financial fraud means. It should also mention briefly fraud detection techniques used, and then focus more on ML different methodologies and compare them (detection rates would be great).

The focus should be more on financial transactions like the ones occuring in top-up services and digital value transfer, rather than credit card fraud.

it’s easy to find articles about credit card fraud

focus on fraud detection for fintech/mobile financial services like the ones that provide mobile money transfer, paying the bills by phone etc…like the services offered by, orange Money etc

And in the intro it would be nice to explain the reason these services emerged (mobile payments and transfer instead of classic methods like bank transfer), for convenience, low costs etc.

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Type of assignment: Research paper
Subject: IT & Technology
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Academic level: Doctoral
Paper format: MLA
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