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Answer the below question, duration of 4 hours;

1) Referring to transaction costs theory and network economic theory explain the
mechanism by which an intermediary can generate barriers to entry which will
make its services impossible to disintermediate.

2) Discuss the impact of ICT on marketing. For an organisation of your choice
recommend a suitable use of e-marketing tools. Explain how your suggested
solution impacts upon the company’s transaction costs.

3) Critically discuss how the impact of ICT on contracting costs might influence
pricing strategies.

4) Traditional shopping centres (malls and High Streets) are widely perceived to
be under threat from online business-to-consumer developments. Why is this
the case? Why is this a problem for the operators of the shopping centres and
for local communities? What can the operators of these traditional shopping
centres do to reduce this threat?

5) What is lean supply chain management? What does this strategy offer
businesses? What are the disadvantages of lean supply chain management?
Why does this strategy work better in some industries rather than others?
Make use of examples in your answer.

6) What security threats do organisations face in their e-business operations?
What are the potential consequences of these threats for organisations?
Why are the actual consequences often less severe than the potential
consequences? How do organisations use management strategies to address security threats?

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