Final Paper Components

  1. Create a fictional restaurant concept using your assigned theme.
  2. Include:
    • restaurant name,
    • hours of operation,
    • location,
    • how many seats the restaurant has,
    • an approximate number of seats you think you can fill each meal period you’re
  3. Create a restaurant history fitting your theme, such as you would find on the restaurant
    website or back of the menu
  4. Create the menu (fitting your theme) – You must have a minimum of:
    • 2 Appetizers
    • 6 Entrees
    • 2 Desserts
    • 2 Alcoholic Beverages
    • 3 Non-Alcoholic Beverages of Different Categories (ie: soft drinks, iced tea, coffee, milk,
    juices, etc. Do not count three different soft drinks only)
    You may do more menu items for extra credit*
  5. Create recipes- For the 10 food items only — Create a standardized recipe (example can
    be seen on pg. 65 of text) which specifies ingredients, required quantity of each ingredient,
    preparation procedures, portion size, portioning equipment, garnish (if using) and any
    other information necessary.
    • Find a suitable recipe online, you don’t need to worry about converting to make a specific
    quantity. Use the recipe you find as your standardized recipe. For example, if you find a
    recipe online for lasagna – use the number of portions the recipe gives you as the number
    of portions that recipe will give your restaurant.
  6. Calculate portion costs for all 10 food items.
    • Note where you are obtaining the costs of your items (Costco, Sam’s Club, Sysco, etc.)
    You should not be getting quotes for things from Walmart – think as if you were
    purchasing for a restaurant, you would want to purchase wholesale.
  7. Calculate total meal costs for those food items (if you are including other things on the
    plate, this is where those come in, such as side dishes!!)
  8. Calculate selling price for all menu items (and drinks) using 30% target food cost, and
    20% target beverage cost. Show work.
  9. Calculate what the Contribution Margin should be for each of those different
  10. Create a Menu Analysis Worksheet (see pgs. 351- 353) for all food items for one week.
    • Make educated guesses of how many of each food item are sold each week, based on
    your answers to section 2.
    • Include all items from Figure 10.2 on pg. 352 in your worksheet
  11. Based on Food Cost % results, classify each menu item in a matrix (see pg. 353)
  12. Based on Contribution Margin results, classify each menu item in a contribution
    margin matrix
  13. Discuss the similarities and differences between your matrices.
  14. Discuss recommendations for each menu item, based on its position in the matrices

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