The Assignment Brief
Assignment 2: Developing a practice framework “Placement experience during the Covid19 health pandemic- an audio/visual case study” – (or 2000w equivalent) – weight: 50%
The case study will be an audio/video recording of approx. 10-15 minutes (using the Canvas Studio function) or a 2000w written piece.
You are expected to read ‘The road to social work and human service practice’ (Chenoweth & McAuliffe 2017) chapter 10, as a basis for this assignment on your placement experience.
Social work interrogation is purposeful and underpinned by principals of human, rights, social justice, collective action and respect for diversity. This requires a foundation for practice that guides our engagement with individuals, families and communities. Each social worker will develop their own ‘practice framework’ intentionally and consciously over time to help inform their action, decision making and judgement.
You will situate your learning in the context of the crisis created by the Covid19 pandemic and discuss how this has shaped the development of your own social work ‘practice framework’ (Chenoweth & McAuliffe 2017, pp303) and related AASW profession-specific graduate attributes (adapted from AASW ASWEAS 2020. Appendix 1: (Links to an external site.)) (Links to an external site.)
For this assessment you are required to discuss the following points:

• Skills: What can I do?
Eg how has my skills base developed (such as communication, interpersonal, problem solving, technical, assessment and intervention, research and project development), have assumptions I might hold about direct practice been challenged?, my ability to make judgement and critically reflect

Assessment criteria
The following criteria will be used for assessment of the case study:
• Ability to concretely articulate the elements of the practice framework (values, knowledge and skills in relation to ‘the self’) and relevant key profession-specific graduate attributes
• Ability to situate and contextualise the learning experience in relation to a crisis environment
• Reflective capacity of the student’s actual ‘theory in use’ and the influence of their values and assumptions on their experience

Submitting your assignment
Students will present their case study via audio/video (use the Canvas Studio function)
• If an extension is required, the student must contact their lecturer responsible for marking the Case Study and submit the appropriate extension form.
Due date:
• Group1: May 4
• Group2: May 13
• Group3: June 17 (for ALL students who started placement before April 16)
4 weeks from submission of Assignment 1 for all students who start placement after April 16 *you must contact me with your due date

Type of service: Academic Paper writing
Type of assignment: Case Study
Subject: Social Studies
Pages/words: 8/2000
Number of sources: 10
Academic level: Junior (college 3rd year)
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: AU English

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