Is the transparency of a fashion brand/retailer/organization important to consumers? Are they willing to pay more or support brands that play into better processes? To answer these research questions, develop and implement a marketing research protocol (e.g. online survey via Google Drive or, observational strategy) to determine consumers’ perceptions of transparency initiatives/efforts.

Develop and implement a marketing research protocol that provides information to answer the research questions. This protocol might be an online survey (shared via Google Drive or, polling, or interviews. One of my previous students took screenshots of text messages with friends, which made the responses very honest!

Using this protocol, analyze and summarize data collected from at least five individuals – including conclusions, feedback, findings. Did you find any skews within different generations or cohorts (e.g. – Gen Z compared to Boomers – if you were to ask a younger sibling vs. a grandparent)?

A good start is to also ask them their definition of “Sustainability” to see how broadly they understand the term!

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