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  1. Areeba and her partner Jason rented a property together. The tenancy was in their joint names. Jason had lost his job and had been smoking an increasing amount of cocaine. He had started to develop disturbed and psychotic behaviour, constantly accusing Areeba of having affairs, talking about him behind his back and plotting to kill him (none of which was true). One evening Jason attacked Areeba. The neighbours called the police as they could hear raised voices. Jason was arrested. He was interviewed and released without charge as Areeba did not want to give a written statement detailing the assault and abuse that she had suffered. Areeba had suffered minor injuries only but had been very scared and told Jason their relationship was over. Jason moved back to his mother’s home in Sutton Coldfield.

A few weeks later Jason telephoned Areeba and said that he was moving back into their house in Birmingham (where Areeba continued to live). Areeba said that he couldn’t, but Jason replied that he would be coming back in 3 weeks’ time, when his friend could help him move his things.

Over the next few days Areeba received an increasing number of text messages from Jason. At first these were polite, giving details as to when he would be coming back, asking her to forgive him, and saying that he loved her. Areeba replied to these, firmly saying that he could not return, and finally that if he did try to come back she would call the police. After that the texts became more and more threatening, and accused Areeba of all sorts of crimes and of conducting affairs with her boss and various other people. One morning Areeba found a dead cat on her doorstep, and on another day an envelope filled with slugs and dead spiders was posted through her door. Areeba assumed that Jason must have been responsible for this.

The last straw came when Areeba’s boss, Kevin, told her that Jason had come to his house, having apparently followed Kevin home from work, and had told Kevin that if he didn’t “keep your hands off my woman” Jason would take revenge on Kevin’s family. Kevin has a wife and 2 young daughters. Kevin has been a caring and supportive employer towards Areeba during this difficult time, but there was nothing inappropriate between them.

What legal action might be appropriate or possible in this situation to help:

(a) Areeba? (60%)

(b) Kevin? (30%)

(c) Kevin’s family? (10%)

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