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Family Health Assessment Part 1
Put introductory paragraph here. In this introductory paragraph you need to make your thesis/purpose statement very clear to the reader. The purpose of this paper is to provide ……
Family Structure
Discuss rubric requirements for this section here (Jamieson & Grealish, 2016). The family structure can be described by……………..
Family Health and Health Behaviors
Discuss rubric requirements for this section here. Continue answering the rubric contents here concerning family health and health behaviors (Heron, 2015).
Discuss rubric requirements for this section here. The interview questions that were answered revealed ………… concerning this about the father etc.
Application of Family Systems Theory
Discuss rubric requirements for this section here. Explain here how the Family Systems Theory can be applied to this family in particular. Think of this as preparing or documenting patient-centered care or family centered care (Heron, 2015).
Write conclusion here. Make sure to relate back to your thesis/purpose. The conclusion should provide a clear connection between the purpose stated in the introduction and how this purpose was met.

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