Select 1 of your 2 empirical experiences to examine in relation to
an additional identity discussed elsewhere in the course.
Summary (4 points): How might your empirical experience(s) also be informed/impacted by another aspect of your identity?
Briefly (2-3 sentences) re-state your selected reflection which I attached below name “Module 2 topic reflection 1”

Synthesis (6 points)

How do these multiple/layered identities interlock with one another in the empirical experience you described and reflected on above in ways that further privilege or oppress? OR in ways that create simultaneous experiences with oppression and privilege?

Re-write (approx. 150 words) your selected empirical experience from an intersectional perspective.

How have, or might, the intersection of the ways in which you additionally identify in relation to class (Course Introduction) and/or gender(Male), sex(Male), sexuality(Heterosexual), additionally impact this experience? (e.g. compound or contradict discrimination or privilege).

The definitions of intersectionality provided in the assignment description above should help guide your responses

Be sure to discuss the ways in which the identities are related, interlocked, and layered (both/and) rather than reflecting on each identity as distinct and separate (either/or)

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