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TASK-Discuss evidence-based assessments you would use to evaluate the effectiveness of implemented nursing interventions IN CASSE STUDY DARREN.. Requires APA7 referencing approx. 300 words (plus in text referencing)

Numeric Pain Rating Scale

Post-operative pain should be assessed regularly, at rest and movement. Pain on movement can contribute to delayed mobility and recovery. It should be assessed along with other vital signs and documented. Should include instensity, location, duration and quality

A standard evidence based pain evaluation tool should be used to assess the effects of the nursing pain interventions provided for Darren as they have been proven to be accurate and effective in the provision of pain management.
Pain assessment tools should be explained properly to Darren during post op education.
The verbal Numeric Pain Rating Scale and the PQRST assessment are both subjective measures reported by the patient.
The verbal Numeric Pain Rating Scale is an eleven-point numeric scale, 0 being no pain, 5 being moderate pain and 10 being the worst possible pain. It is designed to help evaluate the intensity and severity of the patient’s pain, and in Darren’s case; response to pain interventions. It can be performed daily, or in the case of Darren with post-operative care, more frequently to help facilitate more effective pain management and recovery. The NPRS is quick to complete, easy to score and requires minimal language translation. However, the NPRS only measures one component of pain: intensity.
Another effective pain assessment that can be applied to Darren’s care is the PQRST assessment. This assessment is used to measure other aspects of pain; Provocation- what triggered the pain?, what makes it worse?, Quality; type of pain, Radiate; does the pain move to another area?, S; Severity of pain. The severity will then be assessed by Numeric Pain Rating Scale.

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