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Effects of drug abuse

Every day we hear of news of how famous personalities are hooked onto one drug over another that tragically kill them from Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson and Brittany Murphy. Others are still fighting and slipping back into the harmful habit like Whitney Houston. Drug abuse was for a long time felt to be a problem of the celebrities who cannot handle the pressure and the pedestal they have been put on thus resort to drugs for comfort, solace and strength.

Nevertheless, drugs are also abused by ordinary members of the society for one reason or the other and this has causes a lot of pain and anguish for the abuser, his friends and family as well as the society at large. (Help Guide 1) In as much as the drugs are affecting the user physically and psychologically, anyone else whose lives are intertwined with the abuser suffers similar consequences. For instance, a drug abuser must first and foremost satisfy his urge before embarking on any other project, notwithstanding that the projects/agendas are imperative.

This has made children of drug abusers drop out of school for lack of school fees as the abuser thought it wise to purchase the drugs rather than pay the fees first. Families have become homeless for failure to pay mortgage since the provider was preoccupied with drugs. Children have been left at school because the abuser forgot to pick them up, among other negligent scenarios. Drug abuse leads to the neglect of responsibilities and this affects the family and loved ones psychologically. If not careful, they too may seek solace in a the same or similar drug. (PsychePage 1)

A person abusing drug may even spend money meant for medical services of a family member or loved one and not realise the repercussions and gravity of such an action. If the abuser is an expectant mother, then delivery may be a still birth or a baby is both with serious physical/health issues. It is needless to say of how the life of the child has already been destroyed before he or she even lives it. (Jrank 1)

Drug abuse has been listed as a catalyst of most domestic violence. When one of the spouse or both are hooked onto drugs, the word peace becomes a rare value. Some parents who abuse drugs have battered not only their spouses but also children and there have been cases of sexual offence committed by a parent on the children when they are high on the abused drug.

Drug abuse changes the personality of the person and at one time when you thought you really knew and loved someone, the drugs turns them into a monster, criminal or a lost soul/zombie. The family’s functioning system is destroyed, stigmatized and isolated. (PsychPage 1) Conclusively, substance abuse destroys the family relations and the family being the key component of the society, the society in turn is destroyed. Loved ones are drained emotionally from the actions elicited by the abuser from negligent of responsibilities, involvement in crime as well as purchase of the drugs illegally, and fear of being killed by the drugs.

When loved ones also get hooked onto another substance abuse, dropping out of school, loss of employment, domestic violence…the list is long. On noticing any trend that may lead to abuse/addiction, intervention must be held whether the abuser is ready for help or not. It should not be shelved until they hit rock bottom for intervention and rehabilitation to be started. Treatment should be administered as soon as sighted. (Help Guide 1)

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