Please describe each point, this need to be perfect and clear.

It’s for me, for my final exam then no plagiarism.

The key concepts are the most important ones, those ones will be in my exams, please give examples for each key concepts’ description.


  • Differences between EU, Eurozone, Schengen area
  • Lack of overall ruler in the EU
  • Supranationalism v Intergovernmentalism on institutions, policies
  • Widening & Deepening
  • Difference between single market, customs union, free trade area
  • Concept and role of organised interests in the European Union – business implications
  • Main concepts regarding the Lisbon Treaty
    • Types of competences: Exclusive, shared, supporting – VERY IMPORTANT – to be used with policies’ questions
    • Principles regarding application of competences
  • Main institutions: Commission, European Council, Council of Europe, European Parliament
    • Composition, voting
    • Functions
    • Applicability of supranationalism/intergovernmentalism
  • Legislative process: co-decision, assent
  • Directives v regulations – transposition and Brexit implications
  • Joining the EU:
    • Copenhagen Criteria +acquis concept
    • Process
    • Members, candidates, prospects, neighbours
    • European Neighbourhood Policy
    • Implications for the incoming countries
  • Exiting the EU:
    • Current status : Withdrawal agreement, Irish border, transition period, Joint Task Force, Preparedness to leave
    • Taskforce and notice of withdrawal – understanding of potential impacts per type of policy
    • Implications for businesses
    • Main components of the new agreement – impact
  • Internal market – FOUR FREEDOMS
  • Goods: Removal of tariff/non-tariff barriers, harmonised/non-harmonised sectors, mutual recognition – public procurement
    • Services – Link with professions recognition and freedom to set-up businesses throughout the EU – public procurement
    • Capital
    • People
  • Identification of enablers in (i.e. EMI, Eures, etc)
  • Digital Single Market
  • Role of the European Commission: Internal Market Scoreboard – transposition concept
  • Competition Policy
  • Understanding of main forbidden practices with cases:
  • European Commission role – Leniency policy
  • Monetary Policy
  • Convergence criteria
  • ECB: Composition, functions and nature
  • Monetary Policy Instruments
  • Correcting Policies
  • Common Agriculture Policy: Main objectives, concepts
  • Rural Development: Objectives, classification of regions and examples of programmes
  • Cushioning Policies
  • Consumer policy: main pillars, enablers, conflict resolution
  • Health and safety: Main pillars, enablers
  • Gender Equality: Main pillars, gender mainstreaming
  • Environment
    • Policy programmes – European Green Deal, Policy Frameworks (2020,2030,2050)
    • Business enablers (i.e. Ecolabel, eco-design, energy efficiency labelling. ETS , REACH, EMAS)

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