In this assignment you are required to survey and critically analyse the data/findings from a range of
different studies in order to answer one of the following questions.
Choose ONE question from the two options below:

  1. Models of gender differences in language (difference, dominance etc.) often argue that the
    differences between men and women arise due to gendered child rearing and gendered
    language socialisation. Discuss evidence from a range of studies of child and parent speech
    patterns to examine this claim.
  2. There is a popular notion that a gay speech style or ‘gay voice’ exists. Consult a range of
    studies to examine the empirical evidence for this claim. What do these studies reveal about
    the relationship between language, sexuality and gender?
    Choose three primary studies to focus on and read the original work (journal article/book – as
    opposed to text book summary)
  • You are required to make reference to specific, empirical and often quantitative evidence
    from the studies.
  • You are encouraged to support your answer with Figures and Tables from the studies you
    have selected.
  • While the majority of your focus will be on the three studies you select, you are encouraged
    to make reference to other research and work beyond these.
    Use the evidence in the studies to link to broader theoretical constructs, these might include (but
    are not limited to):
  • Models of language and gender and feminist approaches to
    o Deficit
    o Default
    o Dominance
    o Difference
  • Queer theory
    o Compulsory heterosexuality
    o The gender binary
    o Gender performativity
  • Intersectionality

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