Emirates Airlines Financial Statement (

Air Arabia Financial Statement (

You will have to use ratios generated based on the financial statements of the firm and its competitors for comparison.

You will also provide an evaluation of the current and future business performance based on the recent and planned strategic decisions, investments and financing decisions. Please note that while it is a must to discuss how the company plans to grow itself in the near future, it is not a requirement to forecast free cash flows even though such analysis will be seen in positive light.

One of the challenges of this assignment is that usually in financial statements there will be a lot of details that can be very accounting-wise technical. One way to get around this is to aggregate the details into major categories (e.g. if there are different types of interest expenses, just add them all up to form one single “interest expense”).

Ratios Such As:
Price Earning Rations
Debt Ratio
Debt-Equity Ratio
Interest Coverage
Current Ratio
Quick or Acid Test Ratio
Cash Ratio
Sales-to-Assets ratio
Inventory Turnover
Days in Inventory
Net Profit Margin
Return on Assets
Return on Equity
Payout Ratio
Price Earning Ratio
Dividend Yield
Market-to-book Ratio

Whatever is applicable. And an explanation of the difference between both companies and what it means

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