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Part 1: Essay

This assignment requires you to write one critical review essay using learning drawn from the course materials, that is, the assigned readings, excluding the Study Guide. It builds on the pedagogical approach developed in Part 1 of the course. The essay should cite several of the most important ideas from the assigned readings and bring additional support to bear that your research has identified.
The essay must make use of the course materials to answer one the following questions:

  1. Discuss the Elizabethan Poor Law, Charity Organization Society, and Settlement Movement approaches to serving the poor and provide examples of how each are reflected in the system of outdoor and indoor relief that remain intact today. Provide insights on how this analysis has deepened your knowledge of current human service delivery models.


  1. Evaluate several strengths and drawbacks of historical trends in human service policy analyzing whether these trends have produced net gains or losses for society.

Essay Format
The essay must be 1500 words long, double‐spaced and typed in 12‐point font using a word‐processing program such as MS Word.
Margins should be no wider than 2.54 cm (1 in).
The essay must be written in a formal academic style and must use APA (American Psychological Association) presentation of citation and references.

Part 2: Discussion

The second part of the assignment is worth 5% of the final grade.
You will again post your own 200‐ to 300‐word answer, using a minimum of three citations from the course materials, excluding the Study Guide.

The general discussion question will be:
How do the concepts of charity and state‐sponsored support discussed in this section relate to a work circumstance in a human service with which you are familiar?

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