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This is a very simple discussion board entry. Answer each question with only a paragraph nothing too long. Use simple wording. I included other students’ responses so far if you would like to see what kind of responses the teacher is looking for. I also added the link to the article for questions 2.
Respond to both threads.
Thread 1: Given that the global pandemic caused a greater reliance on remote technology for students, employees, and older adults what types of technology would you expect that each group would need? Please describe any experiences you or students/patients/clients may have used this year, include if multiple devices were needed and defend the device choice.

  • Some ideas I want you to include, and you can make up the rest:
  • I used the phone more often to connect with friends and family via zoom and facetime etc.
  • All our work meetings, huddles and training were done remotely this year as we can’t all gather in one room. So, having a laptop was very effective.

Thread 2: After reading the article from Access World, how many of the predictions listed as future technology have come into existence. If you could predict the next best technology advance for persons with vision loss or blindness, how would this device or accessibility feature be used?
The link: https://www.afb.org/aw/8/1/14388

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