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Attention to student and teachers’ backgrounds and prior knowledge helps focus curriculum content for all learners.

For this assignment, you will secure permission and set up a time to conduct a qualitative interview session with at least one veteran instructor on rigorous and appropriate technology, resources, and instructional materials to engage learners.

Step 1. Plan ( you can make this up)
Secure permission and set up a time to conduct a qualitative interview session with a veteran instructor (15+ years’ experience) on rigorous and appropriate technology, resources, instructional materials, and management strategies to engage all learners. This instructor should have a cultural background different from your own.

Step 2. Compose
Compose open-ended interview questions related to selecting resources, technology, and materials, and establishing classroom management strategies for a rigorous and appropriate curriculum. Questions should essentially ask how an educator uses techniques and resources to:

Foster student knowledge of self and others;
Elevate student ability to work toward common objectives;
Enhance appreciation of diversity and similarities among cultures;
Cultivate empathy and cooperative behavior;
Promote respect for other cultures and values, and
Increase the ability to resolve conflict through dialogue.
To honor the time of your interviewee, your interview should take no more than 30 minutes, so prioritize your questions.

Step 3. Conduct
Conduct an interview using your open-ended questions from Step 2. Conclude your interview within 30 minutes, and send your interviewee a note of thanks as follow-up.

Step 4. Assess
Construct a figure (such as a graph, table, chart) which visualizes your interview analysis and assesses qualitative results which are process-focused as opposed to product-focused. Align your findings with key conclusions from “Education: The Necessary Utopia” in The Treasure Within: Report to UNESCO of the International Commission on Education for the Twenty-first Century (pp. 13-35).

Step 5. Write

Write a best-practices guide for novice teachers to direct their selection of resources, technology, materials, and classroom management strategies for a rigorous and appropriate curriculum for all learners. Include a title page, your figure from Step 4, and references page. Attach the interview questions and a transcript of responses as an appendix.

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