Description of Assignment
1 (A) Students will individually carry out ONE observation* on the cognitive and social
development of a focus child (3 to 6 years of age) in a group setting. The setting should
be authentic (for example, an indoor or outdoor play setting or a routine care setting
such as meal time or bath time) and follow the usual routines of the child. In other words,
it is not a special set up for this assignment.
*Students are to choose One of these Two options to carry out this assignment as
advised by their lecturer: (a) observation carried out in a real setting OR (b) watch the
video provided by the lecturer in class.
(B) The observation requires TWO checklists (using cognitive and prosocial behavior
indicators). Pre-observation preparation of the checklist is required such as reading
up on how to prepare the checklist that is suitable for the purpose of capturing the
cognitive and prosocial behaviour of the child. The source where the checklist is
adapted from has to be acknowledged.
(C) Using the format given below, students will write a summary of the information gathered
and analyze the child’s cognitive and prosocial development, providing relevant
citations from reading and research on theories as well as current trends and issues
related to this area of child development.
(D) Based on the documentation of the child’s cognitive and prosocial development and
behaviour, students will suggest developmentally appropriate support for the child
based on his/her needs and abilities. The suggested ideas should have elements of
fun for young children.

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