Essay Question
Length: 4000 words
Similarity should be lower than 10%

Write an essay about ONE of the following question:
Drawing on relevant examples and theoretical discussions, discuss how practices of the Quantified Self influence cultural understandings of the body and its biological functions.

Essay Structure:
Literature Review of the Quantified Self
Main body
Reference list(at least 15 pieces of reference,among the reference, try to cite the articles about the Quantified Self by Btihaj Ajana)

Referencing: Harvard system
Also known as the ‘author-date’ system
Citations in the main body of the text. Examples:
“Postal surveys and telephone interview surveys can both cost roughly half as much as surveys using personal interviews, but telephone surveys have the additional advantage of greater speed” (Hakim 1987, p. 59)
Steinbock(1980, p. 59) argues that active and passive euthanasia are indistinguishable because omitting to treat a patient is as potent as actively killing a person.

Use 12 point type and double spacing
Only use illustrations and images if they directly represent your data/analysis

An essay should represent your own informed response to the topic. Your aim when writing an essay should be to produce a reasoned coherent argument which directly addresses the terms of the question, proceeding in a clearly structured manner to a conclusion. As such, it is important to plan your work thoroughly.

Not just a summary but a critical reflection on the topic of discussion.
Demonstrate your understanding of the question and the field in general.
That you have undertaken some kind of research
Should enter into dialogue with the relevant theoretical material and relevant literature.
Should use examples to support arguments

Keep an up-to-date annotated bibliography
Detailed notes with page numbers(in-text citation should have page numbers as well)

In an essay, you apply other people’s ideas alongside your own interpretations, ideas and conclusions, to the question. This mixture of ‘voices’ provides the basis of your argument.

Type of service: Academic Paper Writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: IT & Communications & Media
Pages/words: 15/4000
Number of Sources: 15
Academic level: Master’s
Paper Format: Harvard
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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