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This section of the research looks at the methodological procedures in which the data for my research project has been collected, interpreted and analysed. It outlines the approach that was taken in my analysis of the gaps in existing research which were identified during my literature review. It discusses the approach that I have chosen, the methods I have used, the design, data collection and analysis process.
Research design

Defined Qualitative data :
Methods use and why

The research design has employed a qualitative research approach where data was collected from individuals within the NHS organisation by means of a questionnaire. The data was then analysed and findings produced to answer the research question which emerged from the literature review. The question aimed to explore the impact that Transformational Leadership has on today’s workforce within the National Health Service (NHS). The qualitative approach is best suited to deliver a deeper understanding of the role of Transformational Leadership within the NHS through my findings deduced from the responses to the questionnaire. It speaks to the impact that leadership style has in relation to staff motivation and performance at work.
Qualitative research methods consist of one or more data collection methods. Some of the general methods enables you to record what is being seen and heard from persons being engaged within the study. A qualitative study is said to be appropriate for this type of research, as it helps to explain a phenomenon based on the participant’s experience in a given situation (Stake, 2010). It is ideal for this particular piece of research due to the descriptive nature in the responses to the questions which facilitates a better interpretation of the current state of play with in the NHS.
The aim of a qualitative research piece is the understanding of how people invent structures to make sense of what is going on around them (Easterby-Smith et al. 2002 p.34)
Qualitative research is the process of analysing data collected in the form of words, observation, image and symbols.
The approach to develop this research is based on semi-structured interviews. These questionnaires will be non-standardised as they are set on a predetermined set of questions where responses can vary from person to person being interviewed. According to (Clarke), a structured interview covers “mundane routine activities that collectively make up those practices of everyday life” (Clarke el al 2009: pp348)

A semi-structured approach was considered appropriate for the interview process because although the answers from each participant will vary throughout the interviewing process, the questions are suitable and appropriately worded to tease out and explore the factors that we want to investigate from each interviewee.
Interviews allow for a one-on-one method fining process where one is able to gather other person thought at a live session.
One advantage of using the semi structured interview strategy is that they are no particular restrictions that the candidates have to adhere to, thus allowing the interviewee the scope to expand on their answers, yielding potentially useful information for our analysis and findings following the completion of the questionnaires.

One of the aims of this study is to gather the perception of how leaders and staff adapt to transformational leadership and examine its impact on today’s workforce by gathering staff perception around this leadership style. Therefore, the qualitative approach is deemed most appropriate for this scenario.

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