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The topic of the intended research is changes in job satisfaction and productivity perception for Information Technology professionals, following the generalized implementation of internet enabled permanent work from home or remote work.
This behavior is the result of the lockdowns implemented as a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Pandemic lockdown regulations led to workforce decreased mobility and closure of workplace premises.
Remote work for Information Technology professionals was made possible by advancements in privately available internet services and speed, communication and collaboration software. enterprise network security and Software as a Service widespread implementation by the Information technology organizations around the world.
The research goal is to assess differences of job satisfaction perception and productivity perception, before and after the permanent remote work implementation.
The paper will concentrate on information technology professionals that were working on premises or part time remotely, before 2020 lockdown provisions, that then moved to full time remote work during 2020 and leading to 2021.


  1. History of job satisfaction research
  2. History of remote work
  3. Current theories of job satisfaction for remote work
  4. Technology changes that made widespread remote work possible
  5. Covid development and worldwide regulations that led to the implementation of remote work in IT in a high percentage
  6. Literature review of turnover intention
  7. Factors that affect turnover intention for IT professionals
  8. Pros and cons for remote work
  9. Factors in remote work that affect job satisfaction
  10. Fulltime remote work versus hybrid remote work job satisfaction findings.


The proposed research hypothesis statements are:
H1. Lack of in-person work experiences, caused by change to permanent remote work, has a negative influence over job satisfaction for Information Technology professionals.
H10. Lack of in-person work experiences, caused by permanent remote work, has little or no influence over job satisfaction for Information Technology professionals.

H2. Change to permanent remote work has no significant influence on turnover intention for Information Technology professionals.
H20. Change to permanent remote work increases the turnover intention for Information Technology professionals.

The study will follow a project management approach based on specific tasks and milestones across three main phases spread across the three months allotted for the research. Table 1 below represents a project schedule for the various phases including week start dates.

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